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How to check my monthly steps?

To keep track of steps, you need to have a fitness tracker, smart watch or mobile device that tracks steps. You should be able to easily check your daily, weekly or monthly step count with these. How you do this depends on your tracker, but we’ve put together the below information to help.

On Apple iPhone

  1. Open the Apple Health app on your iPhone.

  2. Click on or search for the steps metric.

  3. Use the calendar options at the top to swap to week view (tapping W).

On Apple Watch

  1. Open the Activity app on you watch.

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the screen to see your daily total.

  3. Use the Apple Health app on your iPhone to see more detailed information.

Fitbit App

  1. Open the Fitbit app on your phone.

  2. From the ‘Today’ tab, click on your Step count.

  3. Here you can see a step count for each day, and a summary of your steps for each week.

Web Browser

  1. Log into your account at Fitbit.com

  2. Hover over the Steps widget and choose option ‘See More’.

  3. Click the option for Week or Month to see the total below the steps graph.

To view your step count from a Garmin step tracker or watch, go to Menu > History > Totals.

You should see an option to view weekly or monthly totals.

You can also see your step count on Garmin Connect.

Samsung Watches

For most Samsung watches you should already have a step count widget you can view on your home screen. This will show the total number of steps per day you’ve tracked.

If you don’t have the steps widget visible, swipe left until you reach Add Widget, and then swipe to and tap Steps.

Samsung Health

Open the Samsung Health app on your phone, and tap the Step Tracker at the top of the screen. 

Fitness Trackers & Smart Watches

If you have a different step tracker that isn’t mentioned, please refer to the manufacturer instructions to find out how to view your total daily, weekly or monthly steps.

Mobile Phones

Most modern mobile phones have a step tracking functionality built in! Please refer to help or support from your manufacturer to find out if your device has this functionality, and how to view your step count.

Not compatible? No worries!

If you don’t have a compatible smart phone or fitness tracker, you can still participate!

We’ve put together a handy guide showing the step count for different activities as a guide.


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