Murray Bridge

The Feb Fit Step Challenge Starts February 1, 2021

Come back at the start of February to log your steps and track progress!

Murray Bridge Total Steps


Overall Total Steps


Murray Bridge Leaderboard

1. Pinny K 396,497
2. Natasha Hollitt 390,632
3. Leanne Oleary 240,480
4. Adam Connelly 173,724
5. Todd Hillam 33,089
6. Paul Knitschke 26,041
7. Jennie Lenman 26,018

Murray Bridge Group Leaderboard

1. Team 5MU 655,369

Join the Feb Fit Step Challenge today and make your steps count!

All Part of Feb Fit and proudly supported by your local radio stations!

Feb Fit is an initiative by several radio stations across Australia to help create healthier communities all across the nation.

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