Step Tips

No step tracker? No worries! Here’s a breakdown of how many steps are taken in the following activities.

Other fitness activities

10m - Moderate Activity
10m - Vigorous Activity

Our top 5 tips to get your steps up

Tip #1

Park further away. This one’s easy — just park your car at the far end of the car park and get some bonus steps on your way to and from your car.

Tip #2

Pace during your next phone call or TV show. A half-hour phone call or TV show can put you hundreds or thousands of steps closer to your goal. Or if you can’t get up from your desk during the day, try some deskercise moves at work.​

Tip #3

Walk to somebody instead of emailing them. Is your co-worker across the building? Go see them face to face instead of shooting them an email or text.​

Tip #4

Take the stairs. Avoid escalators and elevators and rack up some steps instead! By foregoing elevators, you’ll use less energy, and you’ll get a personal energy boost from the activity.​

Tip #5

Set an hourly alarm. Many fitness trackers have hourly buzzers to get you up and moving. Activate them and add to your average steps per day.​

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